TeachOSM edits

Just want to get the attention to this: I noticed a lot of errors from edits by people using the tag #teachosm. I commented on one https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/110252797 but there are more in that area with lots of small mistakes as duplicated nodes, ways, overlapping highways and incorrect tagging like highway=motorway_junction where there is no motorway or
natural=wood on nodes or scattered amenity=toilets where there very likely are none.

Who is governing this TeachOSM and is there any QC on the edits that are done?


Yes, that led me to their website and I left them a message inviting them here, but I don’t see any entity that governs TeachOSM nor any direct contact point (except a form on their website).

Hi, TeachOSM organizer here. TeachOSM encourages educators, instructors, trainers, and teachers to use our resources to promote the use of OpenStreetMap for education. The data quality issue is analogous to that of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). Like HOT, we very often have groups around the world using our Tasking Manager for their projects, and as such, we have limited control over project execution. Yes, we are aware that the enthusiasm of some of our users is not matched by their technical abilities, which can create issues with the data quality. As an organization, TeachOSM is monitoring the steps HOT is taking to address data quality (more validation, feedback to mappers) and looking for ways we can proactively build in data quality checks. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out directly to individual mappers as well as the project manager (listed on the Tasking Manager) to make them aware of the issues and ask them to correct their mapping.