Tasmanian Local Government Building Footprints

Hi all

I work at a local government in Tasmania, Australia and we have released building footprint data for the municipality under creative commons, by attribution australia 3.0 licence.

I’d like to know what the process is to get the data into OSM? Do we need to give you explicit permissions and someone there can import it? Can I do the import under a specific Glenorchy City Council bulk data update account? If we push data in, can we pull data out too, in case someone else makes it better?

Here’s a link to our metadata page for buildings: http://maps.gcc.tas.gov.au/metadata/buildings.html

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If you’ve not already done so, better also ask this on one of our mailing lists, since only a few people are reading these international parts of this forum.

CC-by licenses are not exactly compatible with OSM, since we can only mark an object originating from a source, but this will never be shown to endusers (the latter would be neccessary for CC-by). The attribution would also be shown on a wiki page, which is linked on osm.org/copyright, which is linked on most online maps, but not neccessarily from other uses of OSM (i.e. paper maps). So you would have to explicitly state that this would be ok for you.

Yes, but… Have a look at our Mechanical Edit Policy and Import Policy.

Yes, but of course you would still have to confirm with our license.