Tasik Kenyir

Someone had add many attraction at Radio Kenyir. I don’t know this is prank or real because I don’t even go to there.Can someone do a favour to cleanup this ?(Use a large question mark because really big question)


not radio is Tasik

Looks legit to me… except that the poster doesn’t know any tags other than tourism=attractions. :smiley:
Probably need to go through that area to correct the tags

I’m not discriminating MAPS.ME users: but when things like this happens, it’s really, really hard to contact them. Sure, send a message and hopefully they will read their e-mails… but nowadays, who would bother checking e-mails?

You mean, delete those? Next time, you may go ahead deleting those, make sure you mention you had deleted things like this in the changeset comment.

I bother change my email , haha.I dont know this thing are real or not.If it really exist, just keep it, if no just delete it.