Tambon Lat / Lon available on data.go.th

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to inform everyone of a Tambon DB that’s available at http://data.go.th/DatasetDetail.aspx?id=c6d42e1b-3219-47e1-b6b7-dfe914f27910 the licensing is under the Open Government License http://data.go.th/LicenceDetails.aspx?id=3a937417-8ccb-42a1-8923-a920851008db&ReturnId=c6d42e1b-3219-47e1-b6b7-dfe914f27910 which may be incompatible with the OdBL. However I think in the very least the data can be useful for verification and reference for spelling etc.

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Just want to mention: Data has to be compatible with the contributor terms to be suitable for an import. ODbL is not enough.

OSM data can be licensed under any open license when the majority of active members decides to do so. The contributor terms contain a clause to enable this license change.
So in case we go for a different license (CC 4 or any other) in the future that incompatible data and all based on it would be removed.
I still remember the last license change. Dob’t want this trouble ever again.

So either compatible data or nothing.

To what extend we can use the data without violating the license is too difficult for me to answer because of the language barrier. I trust you that you will clarify it.

The list itself does not look “significant” enough to apply for any copyright/database right. But I’m no legal expert. Have you tried to correlate it with OSM data? Maybe begin with the Changwat…

Can you get help from Dietmar? We chatted together about checking against master lists.

Its a nice list, however I doubt it is really useable - it gives just a single coordinate for each Tambon, not the full boundary. And as usual for Thai documents, it contains lots of wrong transcriptions - e.g. there อ. เมืองสุพรรณบุรี becomes Mueang Saphan Buri instead of Mueang Suphan Buri. Even a book produced by the Royal Institute some years ago which was supposed to give the official transcriptions had several mistakes. That book was electronically available at the website of the DOPA, but has disappeared in the meantime, you can find my saved version at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/473159/Tambon%20transcriptions.zip

I am compiling many big XML with data on the Tambon (and other administrative entities), and already had included links to the corresponding OSM objects some time ago, so there may be some not linked yet. You can take a look at https://github.com/Ahoerstemeier/tambon/tree/master/AHTambonData/Geocode - I would believe these XML should be much more helpful than that Excel sheet.

Hi Andy, glad to see you here on the forum. I’d been wondering about the licensing status of the data you’ve compiled. Are they a suitable candidate for incorporation into OSM (if you’re willing, that is), or are there further rights restrictions on the original sources?