Taking into account a modified street

Good morning,
8 hours ago I modified a 2 way street in a one way street.
When I simulate an itinerary by car, though the arrows are well positioned on the street, the itinerary takes the street in the no entry.
Could you tell me what to do to have this modification taken into account?

Thank you in advance.

The web sites that run the routing algorithms are separate from the main OSM site and it often takes a little while for them to update their databases with changes made in OSM.

Most likely all you have to do “to have this modification taken into account” is simply way a little while.

Thank you for your quick answer.However this itinerary has been simulated on OSM and not on maps.me that I use.

Still, what n76 wrote applies. The routing engines are independent from the map drawing. It often takes a day or longer (depending on the engine) to update the routing tables.

Thank you to both. So I have to wait.

Is this related to your reversing direction question? If so, have you checked the oneway attribute? JOSM and presumably iD, will change yes to -1 in this attribute if you reverse a way, so that the oneway behaviour remains unchanged. Generally editors try and reverse everything that depends on the direction of a way when you reverse it. JOSM does ask you to confirm each such consequential change.

A link to the way and / or the routing would be helpfull. If you referriing to the routing function on http://www.openstreetmap.org you can provide a link by clicking on “share” on the right side of the screen.

Thank you.
The street is “Residence les Sylvestres” à Cabourg, France.

Thank you.
Enclosed the link:

http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/41614755 is currently one way heading North and was previously two way. Is that as expected?

Yes absolutlely.

Yes, it looks like OSRM hasn’t updated his routing information yet:


It appears to be working as expected in GraphHopper



Pedestrians are ok to face oncoming traffic as they walk along the road edge.

But cyclists must obey the traffic rules

It all seems to work as expected.

Thank you.
It works, except for OSRM so far.