Tags for India specific features

Its time we start collecting features specific to India for which it is unclear how to tag them.

  • Anganwadis
  • Marriage halls
  • Govt offices: Taluk/Revenue Office, Municipal ward office, Village panchayat office, Block development office
  • Autorickshaw stands
  • Roadside religious idols
  • Primary health centers
  • Roadside vendors: coconut, cobbler, fruits and vegetables

Anymore that you have come across? Once we have a good list, we can document them on the wiki.

Are these so particularly distinct from terms used elsewhere that they need a separate tag?

There are already tags for
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:office%3Dgovernment and http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:office%3Dadministrative .
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dtaxi (autorickshaws seem to be allowed for with ‘motorcar = no’)

The particular use of most of these will usually be apparent in the name. Creating distinct new tags where established usage already exists will likely lead to confusion, as many contributors tend to pick the most common and best established term anyway.

I appreciate that the wiki descriptions of many of these may be specific to Europe or western countries (e.g. wayside shrine is currently written to be specific to Christianity and nothing else) but this is often because there has been insufficient updating of the wiki as usage in other cultures have increased.

What about these features-

Will add to Planemad’s list if I find more India specific features.

  • Roadside: Iron-man(man who does the Ironing of clothes roadside)

I found in the osm help site:
Wedding Hall:

I think this fits for every wedding hall.

One more interesting & intended tag for Indian cities is ‘motorcycle repair’.
But the wiki page has does not provide information and also mentions that “Currently not rendered”.

What does this mean & when we can make use of this tag?

Also, like car_repair tag, does it provide Supplementary tags? especially, “service=dealer;repair;parts;tyres (tyre punctured/burst);electrical”.


only motorcycle repair would be:

other possible tags:
sale=yes/brand/used/no/… - sells whole motorcycles
rental=yes/brand/no/… - motorcycle rental
repair=yes/brand/oldtimer/no/… - repairs / maintains motorcycles
safety_inspection=yes/no - inspection of safety/emission regulation conformance
parts=yes/brand/oldtimer/no/… - sells motorcycle parts
clothes=yes/brand/no/… - sells motorcycle clothes / equipment
scooters=yes/no/only - to distinguish scooter shops, very useful in Asia
services=… - other services this shop offers

Tagging motorcycle repair and services looks fine.
How do we tag flour mills.? These mills are common in urban/rural India(or atleast in Karnataka) in areas with sizeable population, there are mills which host huge machines which grind whole-grain wheat, millets, rice, etc.,. Instead of buying packaged wheat flour, many people use these mills to grind wheat. As of now, there’s no shop=flour_mill tag.