Taginfo for Thailand

I have set up an instance of taginfo to process only tags of Thailand.

Taginfo is a convenient way to list tags in use. It can also be used to spot tagging mistakes. Often typos in the tagging prevent the data from appearing in the data consumer application. So it might be mission on a map rendering or in a navigation app or any other use of the data.

If you want to load a specific result in your editor, please use the “overpass turbo” link in the GUI. This will filter the results to Thailand. The other buttons will run a world-wide query.

Please don’t do automated edits to correct tagging. Often the affected elements have other faults as well. It could be in the tagging or duplicate data nearby as the original data was hidden. So if you want to work on improving the data quality have a look at every single element.

The data is updated daily.