Tagging Speed Limit Source in Ontario

I am new to OSM and want to start mapping the speed limits of roads in my area. After a lot of reading here and on the wiki it seems like I should specify whether the speed limit comes from a sign or is implied based on the type of road (city or rural highway) using either source:maxspeed=* or maxspeed:type=* However, I haven’t seen either tag used on any of the roads in my area that already have their speed limits mapped. Is one of these tags the accepted standard in Ontario (specifically in cities around Lake Simcoe)? If not I will default to source:maxspeed=* as suggested on one of the wiki pages (I forget which one). Also, would it be valuble to add this source data to roads that are already tagged with speed limits?

Thank you all!!

I can’t speak to the existing convention in your area, but from what I’ve seen the vast majority of roads are missing this type of info altogether. So personally I would pick the tags that seem best to you and run with it!

Absolutely, as long as that info is accurate! (Meaning don’t just assume the source, you should verify it somehow)

Welcome to OSM!

Thank you! For reference to anyone else coming across this post I’ll be using source:maxspeed=sign when the speed limit is posted on a sign and source:maxspeed=CA-ON:urban or source:maxspeed=CA-ON:rural when the speed limit is an implied default based on location.

Yep, I’ll be biking down those roads, so I’ll be able to verify the info in person.