tagging roads

could not find any in the wiki to that topik:

in case of a two lane road - so without turning posibility - do i tag the roadname ones with marking all segments and mark them as “oneway”? or do i mark just the one direction and just tag each with the roadname. and do i always mark them as “oneway”?

in case one roads part is a oneway the other part of it is not. are i’am right, to tag them twice?

in case of a long road, do i mark all segments and just tag it with on road name, or do i splitt it into parts. how many segements would that be?

i use the java applet.

would be good to add that do the wiki.


  1. This is what I would do: Create two ways (with the direction arrows pointed into the direction of the traffic flow), select the two ways and add the name=xxxx and oneway=yes tags.

  2. Yes, tag the roads separately with only one of them having the oneway=yes tag.

  3. Consider a long road when it has much more then 100 segments (130 is still ok, 300 is not). If the road is longer then consider breaking it up (preferably at an intersection). Each road part is tagged with the name only once.

  4. If you plan to do more then just a few edits then consider using the JOSM editor, I find it much easier (quicker) to work with.

  5. No one is stopping you from editing the Wiki :slight_smile:

thanks ofr response. thats good, because i handled it that way so far, but i got unsure, because sometimes it look aweful with osmarender. roadnames are seperated ugly… but it then is a problem of osmarender. ok, will add this to the wiki and i thought of installing josm, but so far was to lazy. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but no, that is probably not an error of Osmarender but because you create the ways from segments that point in different directions. Every segment in a way has to point in the same direction (not only for proper rendering of street names but also for proper routing of oneway streets, etc.).

I suggest that you enable the following option in JOSM: Preferences → Draw Direction Arrows. Then - when you’ve found ways that have unordered segments - click on Edit → Order segments. If you then upload the changes and request the tile to be rendered, you’ll see that the street names look much better!

In the problem you have, are parts of the name seperated only when the space required to write the full name is not available, due to the ways length?. (I thourght osmarender stopped this problem anyway) If thats not the reason, then you may be editing incorrectly; if so, do the above ^^.