Tagging Roads resticted


In order of significance (to me)

  1. The roads I am trying to tag exist in a nature reserve. They are metalled but restricted to foot, bike and horse access. So I was thinking unclassified with car=no, foot=yes etc. However they will probably be rendered as an ordinary unclassified highway which they definitely are not, being gated.

They aren’t tracks since they are metalled; there are tracks in the reserve which are for walkers only

  1. Worse is that a single road can have different characteristics along it’s length, like car access is allowed say, at one end, and when I try to implement this with Josm it seems to require that all way segments have the same attributes.

9)Worse, some are open to disabled vehicles with prior permission but I’ll ignore this.

10)If I was very detailed then I would have to find some way to show that the entire access by road is subject to an open/close time which varies throughout the year and sort of relates to day length

Hi fisheye,

  1. I’m not super clear what you mean. (metalled?..made of metal?) I tag gated roads as highway=unclassified (as they are the same in status as other roads) still, but add the gates and state the width. If its a tarmacked area only for use by pedestrians and maybe bikes, then highway=pedestrain covers that, and does render differently on the osmarender layer.

  2. Nearly everything that is mapped has characterisitcs that varie frequently along the way. You can either split the way into many smaller ways and tag individually, or you can create multiple ways, and add the additional tags to the additonal way (although from an editing perspective this is very messy).

  3. If its not open to any veicle then that is different to a highway. I would asume you need to make up a tag=yes to sort that.

  4. uncovered territory. That really needs a better proposal, as it suffers from the same problems that buslane times, oneway alterations etc have wich is that they may not be as simple as the current tagging scheme requires them to be.


“metalled” is the official term for what most people called “tarmacked”! Don’t ask me why …