Tagging of Unmanned sales point for agricultural products

I am mapping an unoccupied egg stall.
In Germany there are stalls selling agricultural products.
In this case it is not a machine, but a wooden box from which you can take locally produced organic eggs and insert 35 euro cents each into the slot of a cash box.
The term “automatic machine” doesn’t really fit, nor does “shop”.
Most such stalls sell potatoes (as far as I know). Sometimes the product is packaged and the sales compartment only opens when a coin is inserted, then vending_machine would be a good fit.

Here the sale works purely on the basis of trust. Anyone who buys puts in money.
I saved my work in changeset 151905674 but I should like to improve the description.

For similar features in the US, a common pattern is amenity=vending_machine, vending=, payment:cash=only. This has a more “unattended” feel but shop= seems fine too.

In Switzerland I often tag these stalls as shop=farm, but they usually sell more than ‘just’ eggs.

I have now written this:

Schlüssel (key) Wert (value)
amenity=vending machine
opening_hours=Mo-Su 00:00-24:00

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please share them!

We had discussion(s) about such objects at some point. See [Pre-RFC] Honesty Boxes, Roadside Stands, Booths for one that I found. Likely we had more.

I would tag it likely as shop=eggs in the same way as I would tag human-operated one. Main difference would be that it is easier to steal if human is not there, and I see no reason to make it easier.

Though I guess that treating it as vending machine also works.