Tagging of separate oneway cycleway, opposite direction oneway zone:maxspeed way

The picture almost tells it all.

  1. The road is oneway, zone:maxspeed=IT:30,
  2. left hand a separate oneway cycleway mapped in past as regular bi-directional, now though after reconstruction separate/raised and oneway opposite direction.
  3. For cyclist the road is to be used in the oneway direction when going the ‘normal’ way as indicated per marking on asphalt.

Thinking of the following tagging

I) The separate cycleway tagged oneway as marked and signed.
II) The oneway road tagged as oneway:bicycle=no plus
III) bicycle:backward=use_sidepath when travelling opposite way.

The tag that feels missing is the designation for bicycle in the regular forward way

Suggestions for additions and corrections most welcome.

I would put

highway=cycleway oneway=yes on separate cycleway (and extra tags like surface)

highway=residential (or other if applicable) oneway=yes cycleway:left=separate

maybe also bicycle:backward=use_sidepath ?

oneway:bicycle=no would be applicable if you would map road and cycleway as one object

mapping oneway:bicycle=no and “hahaha, actually no” bicycle:backward=use_sidepath is in my opinion unhelpful at all, and does not help with anything. And can result in broken routing.