Tagging of roadside bus stops


while at updating the presets, I noticed that I wanted to add one for the Sala waiting areas.

What is your opinion about tagging? “bus_stop” was replaced a while ago, so I suppose public_transport=* is the current tagging scheme.

The wiki description matches:

Based on this the three tags below are fix for this feature.

I thought about also leaving a note, in case the tagging scheme evolves.
While wikipedia calls them Sala Rim Thanon, the one on the picture actually has Sala Thangluang (ศาลาทางหลวง) on it. Built by the Highway Department.

Basic template would be:

note=roadside sala rim thanon (ศาลาริมถนน)

What about optional tags? Maybe “name=" where applicable. Do these have an "operator=”, to indicate who is maintaining it? Some tagging for the kilometer marker? “roof:colour=*”?
The yellow colored seem to have always the logo of highway department.

Jo mentioned that there are also plans to replace these structures with waiting areas more in the style of these found in urban areas. Saw a video on YouTube about the new design. I think the tagging would still apply.
Chiang Mai also a new design.

Does the color matter? Here a reference to a green one:

Or here another smaller one:

As the purpose seems to be the same for all the tagging should still apply.


I think for the old style bus stops, you might consider adding amenity=shelter. I have always tagged them that way even though many are primarily bus stops. As I drive by I take a photo and it’s relatively easy to just get it on the map with that single tag. Often the photo won’t be clear enough to derive a proper name, however, and I don’t have the time or patience to be more careful. My selfish goal in adding them is merely to indicate a place to sit out a rain shower. I can use the shelter=yes tag to force them to render on my custom GPS maps so either tag will work for me.

As for any other attributes you consider important, why not go ahead and add them to your preset as optional tags (). I’m sure there are pre-existing tags for color, perhaps even roof color. Mappers who want to map them more comprehensively can do that. Others can use just the default tags.

While you’re at it, please include the link to your presets in one of your replies. I misplaced it a while ago and haven’t been able to use them since.


Also I use amenity=shelter, for a short stop on bike tours during rain, or also during too hot afternoons. And sometimes the bench is clean enough to lie down for a couple of minutes. Sometimes, a broom is available for cleaning, too…
Let’s add broom=yes/no

The “shelter=yes” mentions specifically the bus stop scenario:
“To describe if a bus stop has a shelter or not.”

As we have a different key technically it would be possible to add “amenity=shelter” as well. In this case then with the additional “shelter_type=public_transport”

I will leave off the broom key. Also not going to add “scenic=yes”, as at least in Chiang Mai these bus stops are already quite popular with Chinese tourists taking photos there.

So preset then:

note=roadside sala rim thanon (ศาลาริมถนน)

Yes, that all looks good. Adding shelter_type=public_transport is very useful too.

Can you clarify what is meant by the note? Is that intended to be a generic phrase for the bus_stop? It’s a combination of Thai and English, correct? To me, “sala rim thanon” means roadside sala. Anyway, it’s just a bit confused sounding to me.

Also, I assume some people will not recognize the word “sala”. I had never heard it before I came to Thailand.

“sala rim thanon” is just a transliterate version of “ศาลาริมถนน” which i think is not useful and should be translate directly to English instead.
“street pavillion” is the result I got from Google translate

The idea of the note is to give others an idea what kind of platform/shelter is mapped here. I merged Translation (roadside sala), transliteration (sala rim thanon) and the Thai script to have it short.

See different types of Sala, also giving example of Sala Rim Thanon:

If it either doesn’t matter or is clear enough, I could also simply leave off the note.

“street pavilion” (ONE L) is what I get from Google Translate.

What language were you translating to? Old French?