Tagging of radio frequency for parking info & university parking access

Hey all, just wanted to recap a discussion I had in the OSM US Slack regarding some tagging of my local university’s parking lots, particularly regarding access= tagging and the availability of a radio frequency for parking info.

The full thread can be found here: Slack (yes i know this is a month old now, been busy)

The signs for the lots themselves state information along the lines of:

Campus advisory and parking info: Tune to 1234 AM Faculty, Staff & Student Parking Permit Required M-F 7am-3pm

And there are signs on some specific spaces within the lots that state things like:

Permit Only (difficult to obtain, higher than standard faculty/student permits)
State Vehicles Only (meaning state/uni-owned, not private vehicles)
Overnight Parking / Designated Spaces Only / 12:00AM - 6:30AM

Students and faculty/staff have separate permits. Outside of the “permit required” hours, anymore may park anywhere (i.e. after 3pm, students can park in faculty/staff-only lots)

From this, I initially came up with the tagging of:
Parking lot:

access:conditional=yes @ (15:00-24:00,06:30-07:00); no @ (00:00-06:30)
capacity=<Total number of spaces, including extra-reserved>
name=<Lot name>
operator=<University Name>
???=1234 AM

Parking spaces:

access:conditional=yes @ (15:00-24:00,06:30-07:30); no @ (00:00-06:30) | yes @ (15:00-07:00)
private=students;staff | exceptional_permit | government

For overnight parking, some lots are completely closed, the rest are limited to just one or two rows. This is mostly for winter snow plowing, but there’s no indication that enforcement is seasonal, nor do I plan to test it. My thought was to =no the whole lot, then override on the specifically allowed spaces

I initially went with =private for the stipulation on the Wiki that =permit should be easily attainable by anyone. The wiki doesn’t give this explicit case, but I don’t think having to enroll or get hired at the university would satisfy the easily attainable part lol

After some discussion with @IanH and especially @Minh_Nguyen, we decided it should instead be access=permit + permit=students;staff or permit=<exceptional_permit_name> and we settled on radio:frequency=1234 kHz + radio:band=AM and then adding the sign text to radio:description= to explain to the end users.

I didn’t mention it in the thread, but for the lots as a whole I also decided to use opening_hours= for lots that are completely unavailable overnight and simply use capacity:conditional= for reduced overnight capacity. Then parking spaces have their own opening_hours= for their individual availability.

You can see the first lot I’ve tagged following this discussion here: Way: ‪Furnas Lot (f/s)‬ (‪640346262‬) | OpenStreetMap
Specific parking space tagging examples include:

  • Regular space: \https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1275360047
  • Overnight space: (right-most row towards Lee Rd/bus loop) \https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1275359995
  • Disabled (not in overnight row): (bottom-right corner by Furnas Hall) \https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1275359937
  • “Service vehicles only” (in overnight row): (one bottom-right-most space) \https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1275360008
  • This lot did not have any spaces reserved for exceptional permits (“service” is not permit-based), but those would be through permit= as noted above, i.e. permit=red for “RED PERMIT ONLY”

(unfortunately this is my first post here so I’m limited to 3 links, you’ll have to paste these into the the URL bar yourselves, sorry!)

I’d appreciate any opinions in favor or against these decisions here with suggestions for any improvements. I wanted to make sure I get this post out before doing any other lots for the wider feedback. Otherwise, just making more public documentation of the tagging as per @Minh_Nguyen’s suggestion.

(And some keywords for future searching: the radio frequency tagging question is also related to the MUTCD D12-1 / D12-1a “Weather info”/“Travel info tune radio to 1234 AM” signs, which the Wiki (\https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/MUTCD/D#D12:_Radio,_Telephone,_and_Carpool_Information_Signs) currently offers only a “:grey_question:” for tagging)

Just a minor correction: radio:frequency=* normally specifies a measurement in hertz, so 1234 AM would be 1234 kHz, while 98.7 FM would be 98.7 MHz. Some mappers have paired this key with radio:band=AM/FM to avoid any confusion.

Oh whoops, you’re right. That’s how I tagged it on the map, just got it wrong in the description. Fixed the post, thanks

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