Tagging of pharmacies with ayurvedic medicine

Dear Friends,
I saw in the wiki page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G3IcIWp_NTE6bOowbG_2alP0rk2j3jpJL-fMnjEDDgE/edit#gid=0 suggestion of tagging of ayurvedic pharmacy with tag type=ayurvedic.

This is not fully right, because ayurvedic medicine works with natural herbs and substances like शिलाजतु which is not herb but the oldest known and described in the medicine history ever!
therefore I would suggest use of type=ayurvedic and adding this in the main wiki page, because this is a part of nepali national identity, also good known in western coutries.

Mappers from Germany inform, that the tag type=* is already reserved for relations. That´s true.

Therefore tagging like:


is better.