Tagging of hotels providing bicycle garage for guests

is there any tagging indicating that a hotel or guest house provides secure bike parking for guests?

I would create the bicycle parking space separately as follows:


There is also bicycle_parking=yes used, but not very often (1594x) and I assume this is not evaluated by anyone because it is not documented.
As far as I can see, this tagging is used at bus stops to indicate that they have a bicycle parking space. So it seems to be not a bad idea at all.

By the way: If it is available you can additionally add a node for a bicycle wash station: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dbicycle_wash


Yes, separate bicycle parking facilities are well mapped. However, I miss a tag for accommodation facilities that indicate that they have such parking.
For example:
bicycle_parking=yes or bicycle_parking=garage

Yes I agree, there really is no documented value for this. However, I’m not sure whether you can simply use the bicycle_parking key for this and would be interested in further answers.
Otherwise you could have it accepted via a proposal and then document it. I really like the idea.

(Pinging the bicycle enthusiast @Matija_Nalis) :slight_smile:

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I would go with bicycle_parking=yes on the hotel itself. Yes, according to Key:bicycle_parking - OpenStreetMap Wiki it seems not to be inteded for that, but its a logical usecase in my opinion. Either yes or garage on the hotel to indicate. Also bicycle_parking | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

The first thing i can compare this with that comes to my mind is wheelchair Key:wheelchair - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I also found the tag service:bicycle:parking=* which sounds maybe even better than bicycle_parking=. The service:bicycle:=* tags are already approved, so I proposed this tag on the discussion page.


You are correct, its even stated on the wiki-page. Nice find.

On what page do you discuss this? Could not find anything quickly.

Taginfo suggests 25 instances worldwide, and no data consumers using it.

Combinations of bicycle_parking with tourism shows 68 uses worldwide, with no data consumers explicitly consuming yes (which I’d expect they would if they wanted to show bicycle parking against, say, a hotel).

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Since the bicycle_parking=* tag is more preferred, I will use it.
The separate use of both tags is not documented and therefore probably not used by other projects.

I opened discussion also here:
Key:service:bicycle:* - OpenStreetMap Wiki*

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Exactly, if one intends the value to actually be used by data consumers, that is the way to go for the moment; even if location might not be perfectly accurate (one could add note=* about that). I’m not aware of better solution at the moment…

The issues with just using raw bicycle_parking=* (i.e. without amenity=bicycle_parking) on the hotel might be few, but are quite heavy:

  • that tag is explicitly documented that it must be “always used together with amenity=bicycle_parking.”
  • generic yes / no values are not documented either
  • lacks research if any data consumer actually supports such “naked” used of tag.

While it might sound that it would be logical and easy tagging (and it does!), it is likely significantly more effort than expected (again, if one expects data consumers to actually use such tagging). If one still thinks it is a good idea, I’d then highly recommend to:

  • starting and following through proposal process to define new usages of such key/values, and document them on the wiki once proposal is accepted. Do link the proposal on the wiki and here too, to get more exposure from interested parties when you start it!
  • after the tagging is accepted and documented; one needs to contact prominent data consumers (e.g. bicycle-related maps, routers, apps, etc.) about that new usages and opening tickets to implement that functionality. One can look at Taginfo projects, https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bicycle#Online_maps and Cycle routes - OpenStreetMap Wiki to get idea about who to contact.
  • One should also contact more popular desktop and mobile editors like id-tagging-schema, JOSM, StreetComplete so they would add support (and active quests in StreetComplete case), so the new tagging will get actually get used by mappers in higher numbers. I could help writing StreetComplete quest (if the idea reaches this stage, obviously :slightly_smiling_face: )
  • pursuing said data consumers and editors so they actually implement the functionality.

That seems much better as it will not cause issues with bicycle_parking already used for something else (specifying type of amenity=bicycle_parking)

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I’ve added the wiki page for this: Key:service:bicycle:parking - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Please feel free to make additions or changes here. Especially the picture could be a more suitable one of a hotel bicycle garage or similar.

Should a separate proposal be made for this or can this be considered accepted by Proposal:Service:Bicycle?