Tagging of heritage (ET, HHA, NT) sites in UK

There is a particular list of places related to English Heritage (EH), both paid and free (relevant for Pass Holders) here https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/siteassets/home/visit/overseas-visitors/accordion-items/ovp-map_download.pdf

Also there is way bigger list of notable places in UK classified to English Heritage, National Trust, Historic Houses Association, CADW OS Map - Saturday Walkers Club

I’d like to be able to get the same data from OSM, but I’m not sure what should be the right way here.

For example for EH Stonehedge it has heritage:operator=whc (while I would expect something like EH actually). Yet another site has no any heritage or operator tags Node: ‪Southwick Priory (rems)‬ (‪2386218682‬) | OpenStreetMap

Or for HHA take The Powell-Cotton Museum at Quex House
Way: ‪Powell-Cotton Museum‬ (‪896141964‬) | OpenStreetMap or Way: ‪Goodnestone Park‬ (‪370314767‬) | OpenStreetMap - OSM has no any heritage or operator references at all

For NT Way: ‪Smallhythe Place‬ (‪359210154‬) | OpenStreetMap it has operator=National Trust, looks good enough. Similar to Way: ‪South Foreland Lighthouse‬ (‪223416856‬) | OpenStreetMap. However, if I query via Overpass, it seems all the objects around marked like this, parking, office, the main attraction itself.

So, question to local mappers - how do you think the information about EH/NT/HHA should be mapped?

I think we tend to use operator for naming who owns/runs these properties and then use the Historic England listing details for their heritage tagging.

For example: Way: ‪Charlecote Park‬ (‪75315341‬) | OpenStreetMap

operator=National Trust
heritage:operator=Historic England

Places that don’t have the heritage tagging probably just haven’t had their details add from the National Heritage List for England yet.

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