Tagging of double/quadruple door

I just finished drawing (redrawing) a whole building in JOSM from real floor plan, and uploaded it to OSM server. You can search for it by the name “QTSC Building 1” and have a look. It’s a real piece of work!
The most annoying thing I’ve had during this drawing process is the double door, or sometimes even quadruple door, and it doesn’t matter which side you enter/exit. According to the approach:
I had to draw a separate node for the mirror door to get it right in terms of rendering. And it also further complicated the footways connecting them. (I could have drawn one single footway on the corridor and connected two door nodes to it, like a Y-shaped fork, but then in terms of routing algorithm, by the angle between them, I wouldn’t have the instructions right like “turn left/right” or “go straight” after you entered/exited a door.)
So, what I’m thinking is, it would be much more convenient if we had some key-value pairs to model a double/quadruple door as a single node.

The original proposal for the door=* key had door:wings=2 for double doors. Might still be a possible solution.

Of course, when using Simple Indoor Tagging (i.e. polygons instead of footway ways for corridors), this would be less of an issue.

Thanks, guess I really missed that door:wings key in proposed door feature. But then, the next question is how should we tag the width and opening direction of the wings, assuming each wing can have independent width and opening direction?