Tagging notable flowers from botanical garden?

I’m taking an interest in botanical gardens, and I found no clear recommendation for tagging notable flower species, unlike notable trees which are easy to place.

Does anyone have a recommendation on this, please ?

Tag:natural=plant - OpenStreetMap Wiki appears to be what you’re looking for?

I did TI searches for both “plants” & “flower” & got very low results for both?

Then looked at natural=tree to see how that page lists genus, species etc & =plant was linked from there!

A botanical garden is a selected collection of plants, much like a … zoological garden. The labelling of attractions in a botanic garden should, in my opinion, be similar to that known from a zoo (a selected collection of animals).

In a zoo the animal enclosure is labelled attraction=animal, so the equivalent for a botanical garden should be attraction=tree or attraction=plant ect.

The problem with a botanical garden is that there is often a high density of various plant species in a small area, so we usually do not map individual specimens (often there is no such option), but entire collections divided into geographical regions, climatic zones, human use, etc.
In the case of buildings, it is best to name the building appropriately, e.g. butterfly house, cactus house, palm house, etc. It is not possible to map the interior of the building with all the complexity of a given ecosystem.