Tagging NGO's?

I’ve been struggling with a useful way to tag non-governmental organizations (NGO) here in Eastern Africa and haven’t yet come up with a bright notion. Before I propose a tag I’m curious if anyone has some useful feedback on what they use. There is an existing proposed tag of charity, however I’m unsure if it properly conveys the notion of an NGO. Of course I could also tag it as amenity=company, but here again it’s not quite right. I’d prefer not to create a new tag, but can’t find a viable alternative.

I’m struggling because NGOs are an essential part of life here in eastern africa. One that should be tagged in a way that allows for further study and general use.


hi rich,

i suppose, you are talking about locations/buildings/areas where NGO exist. is that true?

i can’t help you at this moment, but your answer may help other osm-users to assist you.

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Yes, I’m thinking about organizations like Avocats Sans Frontieres, The Malaria Consortium, Bread for Life, Wildlife Conservation Society, etc., etc. There are several that co-habitat with other companies/organizations inside a building or converted house, but many exist within their own gated walls.

I am indeed happy to be only a few degrees away from the equator, making my temperature life very peaceable indeed. :wink: