Tagging link roads on freeways and divided highways

Hi all,

I have recently tested using the free MapFactor Navigator software (http://navigatorfree.mapfactor.com/en/) for in car turn by turn navigation. It uses openstreetmap as the map base. In using the product I encountered some unexpected spoken instructions from the computer eg: “Proceed straight ahead in 200m” when I am on the Calder Freeway north of Melbourne nowhere near an interchange.

Being an openstreetmap editor I thought I could find the anomaly that caused this behaviour and fix it. I think the source of these messages is that in the locations where they occurred there are “link” ways that are coded as motorway links (like exit ramps) but are in fact just access roads connecting either side of a divided road. In one case it was just a U turn “loop” on the divided road and in another the link road connected the far side of a motorway class road to a secondary side road.

My question is: Is there an Australian or worldwide OSM standard for tagging roads in this situation that I should follow? I have looked at some spots on the Hume Highway and these link roads seem to be tagged with the classification of the side road not the highway which I presume would suppress these spurious instructions. I also looked at the Australian tagging guidelines for roads and there is no mention of conventions for tagging links.

Just thought I would check this forum before doing any edits.

Any advice much appreciated.


PS: Seems like using openstreetmap for in car navigation is a great way for finding errors in the data !!