Tagging help for Osmose Error "Untagged named object"

Hi, I am trying to solve all Osmose errors in my area with the title “Untagged named object”. There are two errors left which I can’t solve myself and I am asking for your help here.

1. Firefighter Training Center
There is an area with an address and the name “Feuerwehrausbildungszentrum”. It’s not a fire department, it’s just their training site. The polygon includes the entire area. Is there a suitable tag for this? Would amenity=training be suitable for this?

2. Text on a sign
There are some waterway:sign=no_mooring with name=Anlegen Verboten. Would the text of the sign be better in the description?


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First things first, I guess it’s worth mentioning that not all osmose “errors” need fixing. Quite a lot of what osmose spots are false positives, and while the tagging might be unusual, aren’t “wrong”. This isn’t osmose getting it wrong - it is very up front about the sorts of things that it highlights.

However, something like a firefighter training place sounds more like an office than an amenity to me - maybe have a look at how other similar features are tagged locally?


Thanks for pointing that out, I think I’m already deep enough into it to be aware of it. However, with the two “comments” from Osmose, I really see a mistake when reading through the wiki page on name.

For this I’ve found two options.
First one would be Proposal:Fire service - OpenStreetMap Wiki


The second one I’ve found via taginfo: training=fire_fighting | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo


Unsure which one is better.

Therefore I’ve found:

seamark:notice:information=Anlegen Verboten

Imho amenity=training is primarily covering public places for the training of various skills, whereas
“Feuerwehrausbildungszentrum” is more an educational/exercising thing not open to the public. An option could be landuse=education + education= exercise_area or education=fire_fighting.

Nevertheless I think amenity=training + training=fire_fighting would do the same job.

If “waterway:sign=no_mooring” is accepted as a valid tag there is no need for the german translation “Anlagen verboten” to my understanding. When tagging roadsigns we also do not add a german translation to the english tag. For sure it is not a “name”. I would not hesitate to remove it.


That’s an unusual tag!

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You are right, I copied the wrong tag. It should be fire_service=academy

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Neither of those is especially popular worldwide. The one of these facilities that I’m most familiar with (very nice fried breakfasts, btw) was tagged office=government, which made sense there as there was a whole bunch of fire service stuff together on one site (offices, training facilities, and somewhere around the building, an actual fire station too).

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If it doesn’t have a school there, fire_service=training_area should be used. This corresponds to police= and military= which are the basis of it.
office=government + government=fire_service is unnecessary as fire_service= is proposed to be a feature similar to police= ones. office= should be used for actual offices.

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That tagging has been used exactly twice worldwide.

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Not a great difference with the 16 https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/fire_service=academy despite proposal mention. There are similar numbers of https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/compare/police=academy/police=training_area/ at 80~90.

If it doesn’t have a school there, fire_service=training_area should be used. This corresponds to police= and military= which are the basis of it.

here’s an example for a „college“ (tags open for discussion, were decided after short discussion with fellow mappers).

I would be reluctant to see police and military as similar to fire fighting, particularly the military has very different structure and duties