Tagging for footpath/trail markers?

Hi all,

I’m currently mapping a long-distance footpath in the UK, although no doubt the same situation exists on many other trails throughout the world.

Along the path are a series of glorified markers. They are more than just little signs, and are stand alone and unique to the path - usually wooden posts with a carving and symbol on them. How do I tag these? I would imagine the tag would be something like “man_made=waypoint” or “highway=marker”, but cannot find anything.


Hi, I would think information=guidepost is about the best you can do, see these two sites for more information :-


Regards Bernard

I would use information=guidepost only for finger posts or other markers with direction information.

It looks like the tag information=route_marker is what you want http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:information (see the picture in the table).