Tagging: cities, villages, islands - points or areas?

When adding locations like cities or villages, in my opinion it should be ok to add a central point tagged e.g. as place=village name=… whenever I don’t know the (administrative) boundary of that location.

I followed this strategy when naming islands, too, because some other islands in the vicinity had been tagged this way, but thinking about it here it appears less logical to me as the boundary is actually known. So, should the place and name tags rather be added to the coastline polygon?

Another issue I’m not sure how to tag: really, really narrow streets (maybe 2 or 2.5 m in width with tight curves) that do not have barriers and are not signposted with any traffic restrictions, but likely unsuitable for a lot of vehicles. I would probably be best to tag it with est_width only?

Tagging the island polygon would allow us to make decisions on when to start showing the label. That way, we could show the names of big islands at lower zooms than glorified boulder-sticking-above-water islets.

Off the coast of Maine you can find a good example of the latter. :frowning:

Yes, I agree. I always tag the island’s polygon rather than creating a point and tagging that.

Thank you both. I’ll correct the ones that I had tagged as points (and may be those around as well).