Tagging amenities

Hi all!

I’ve been adding a bunch of amenities in Paris in order to transition to using OSM rather than my own SVG map from several years ago. I’ve noticed however that the amenities tags currently in use don’t always quite express what I’m looking for. For instance in drinking establishments we seem to have a choice of declairing a place either a “pub” or a “café”. Well, that doesn’t quite work for something like the Hemmingway Bar at the Ritz, for instance.

We solved this problem in Wikitravel by taking it the other way. Everything is either “eat” or “drink”. Of course that doesn’t work in Paris either, but we paper over the problem by explaining that fact in the introductory text.

Anyhow, I can see the value of a more finely differentiated classification system, but I think the classifications need some work.

This brings me to my question: What’s the process. Should I just edit the wiki and try to make it make more sense (to me), on the assumption that other people will do the same? Or do we have more of a nomination process? If so where do I start?



Try to set up a logical system and make a proposal on Proposed features. Adding stuff to map features is easy but removing stuff is harder, I’m not sure it’s ever been done. People will always misinterpret what you write so pay close attention to details…

I’ve only ever seen the change from one type of tagging to another, for example: going over to Highway=foot instead of class=foot.

Just guessing this but I think it seems like the way to go.

Also send an email to the talk mailing list announcing your proposal after you’ve written it down in the wiki.