Tagging a weather vane

I’ve stumbled upon a weather vane that I’d like to add to the map, however looking through the wiki there doesn’t appear to be a tagging convention for this.


So I simply tag it as a point with weather:wind_vane=yes?

The amazing thing is, if you have the Taginfo tag, you can see with what other tags this is combined by various mappers. Hit turbo overpass link run to see a map of the items with that tag, select one node and see the combinations. Base common tags seems man_made=monitoring_station + monitoring:weather = yes:)



Seems a bit excessive for a weather/wind vane. I wouldn’t call what the OP has posted or what one might see on a barn roof a “weather station”. Though I can understand the current tagging when there is a weather vane at an actual weather station.

I’d have thought something simple like man_made=weather_vane would be more appropriate.


For weather:wind_vane that is https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/1yCv , and the relatively high usage of that key seems to the the result of two imports in France and Turkey.

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In the end, I mapped it as man_made=weather_vane + weather:wind_vane=yes

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