Tagging a street with driving on the right?

Hi All,

This street in Mae Sot is a two-way street. As it connects two one-way streets the powers that be have decided that traffic has to drive on the right. There is no median.

Should I tag this in a special way? Is there even any point, as I don’t think any renderer will pick this up?

I have seen this on occasions in many other countries in the world, although often a median barrier is put in.


Hi Peter,

There is a similar street in Chiang Mai (Changmoi Tudmai Road). On the south end of the road there is a divider, so the traffic direction is shown by arrows (ways 22376422 and 203681411). There is also a small divider also on the Mae Sot street (visible on Streetview) that you could draw, but would render as much bigger than it actually is. Same for drawing two lanes.

Just to check this, I drew a second lane, will see how it looks. (I will remove it if it doesn’t work)


I was wondering about the two lanes myself. Now that I see it drawn I think this is the best solution. It even correctly prevents routing straight ahead through the cross roads.

Thanks Tom,

There’s driving_side=right, which directly answers the original question. It’s barely used, but that’s probably to be expected. How often do we come across such streets anyway?