Taggar för gemensamma utrymmen och förråd till hyreslägenheter

Jag vill tagga om ett par hus som i dagsläget är markerade som lägenheter (building=apartments). De håller egentligen en blandning av sopsortering, förråd, föreningslokaler och liknande utrymmen som hör till närliggande hyreslägenheter. Någon som har förslag på hur dessa hus bör taggas?

Marc_marc på OFTC#osm föreslår “building=house building:use=storage”.


building:use seems reasonable to me. Use building=apartments + building:use=* if the building looks more like apartments than a house.


From the wiki: “Service building usually is a small unmanned building with certain machinery (like pumps or transformers).” (image)

Nice. There usually are some mechanical grinders in these buildings for coarsly grinding garbage! And there usually is som machinery for getting out the smell.

A building that houses large machinery is usually a building=industrial.

In any case, survey is the best in these cases.

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Those small buildings for - temporarilly - storering garbage are rather alike in residential areas.

Then, there are other types of small buildings mentioned in the original question; eg for meatings etc. Often these buildings are for several different uses. Your answer sugests that building=service can’t be used in these cases. Someone sugested building:use=. What about building:use=multi (as in sporting facilities)?

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The building:use=* key is specially handy when the form or original purpose of a building differs from its present use. A service building can be used for multiple purposes by definition. I don’t think additional tagging is necessary in that case.

multi in sporting facilites is used with the sport key and means multi-sports. It is used when the facility is not specific for one sport, but can be used for several not specified sports. (i.e. building=sports_hall + sport=multi)

Well, this is all very well known, in short a matter of notoriety. My suggestion was to use building:use=multi in analogy to the sporting tag.
Nevertheless there dosn’t seem to be a resonable way to tag small buildings inside (often) of residential areas which are used for either meetings, storage, garbage-collecting or other services to the residents and which in them self are not for living in.

One can however find some - admittingly a small number of - building:use=multipupose, building:use=service or building:use=storage in the osm-database!

You can find any tags you like in the OSM database.

I use building=yes when I can’t find anything better.

We all do!

What I meant is that I usually use a generic value better than innovating or using a undocumented value.

I do not censure anyone who uses an invented value. You can use any tag you like. In case of doubt, I find a building=yes better because it is recognized as a valid but improvable value, while indicating a specific innovative value and not well documented can be misleading or confusing to other mappers.