Tag two separate buildings belonging to same amenity

Hi there! I recently found a hotel which owns two separate small buildings and in each of them there’s room for guests. Mind you, these are not two buildings on the same “grounds” owned by the hotel, they’re historical buildings in the middle of a town, separated by a public road. The buildings themselves have different names, but it’s also not really correct to tag them as two hotels because for example the reception is only in one of them and in general it’s simply wrong, the management entity is the same.

I thought at first to use a big building and then building parts, but this would cover also the public road which is not technically part of neither the building nor is owned by the hotel. Is there an obvious way to map both buildings being “one amenity” in other ways?

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=mutlipolygon + tourism=hotel consisting of those 2 building= . Don’t combine them, as they are separate structures. They are separated by the street, so don’t use a single area spanning across the road either.


The hotel is a poi and should be placed on a node together with the address information and other hotel properties, the best location for this node in inside one of the buildings near the entrance of the lobby.

The two building outlines can be specified as building=hotel.

It is important to separate the poi from the building it is housed in, because this prevents conflicts like the hotel having a separate name from the building.

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The lobby can yet be another feature. There’s no guaranteed meaning for a point’s position. There are a few attempts for that. Tag:amenity=reception_desk - OpenStreetMap Wiki (While I prefer amenity=reception more, there needs to be some further consideration and coordination for concierges and other related features)

Exactly as when the 2 buildings with separate names are put in a MP, you end up with the 2 names in one MP name tag field. Tagging the building=hotel and then in a POI too could end you up with 3 bed icons being rendered on the map, at least Carto standard does so. Not very appealing.

I agree that this would look horrible, but then should the buildings be simply tagged building=yes and the POI have all the actual information? Can the relationship=multipolygon function as poi without being a node?

What are you talking about? building= doesn’t have an icon. As I said, be careful not to use iD’s combine action, by doing it manually.

way -1
nd -1
nd -2
nd -3
nd -4

nd -5
nd -6
nd -7
nd -8

relation -1 
wy -1 outer
wy -2 outer
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The historic buildings should be building= of what they are constructed as. building:use=hotel can then be added if not building=hotel originally.

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So that’s the ID trick, create the MP and add the buildings by hand, that is if “by doing it manually” is to be read as 'but doing it manually".

edit: I was talking from past ID experience, but not in my dreams would I go back to that app the create any form of relation… JOSM it is.

There’s two ways:

  1. With a node that has all the data
  2. With a multipolygon that has the same exact tags that the node would have (without building=*)

In both cases you should add a new tag to both buildings: operator=My hotel and also building:use=hotel.

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