Tag for rocky terrain?

How should I tag large areas of dry rocky terrain? Not boulders, but more like eroded earth with large areas of underlying rocky surface and very little shrub?

Is this the sort of landscape you’re referring to? (ignoring the big rock at the back): http://www.colourbox.com/preview/2608054-6075-harsh-mountainous-terrain-in-the-west-bank-israel.jpg

Yes thats right.

I’m sorry but i’m really not sure. The only thing I can’t think of would be ‘natural=scree’ - but that would not be the right tag. Perhaps ‘natural=sand’?

Having been raised in a desert area I’d go with natural=dirt but when I broached that on a mailing list a while back I got shot down. I’m guessing by people who have only lived in non-arid environments and who figure that if nothing visible is growing then it must be rock.

Looks like taginfo has 22 “votes” for natural=dirt and 4 “vote” for natural=earth

There are 724 instances of natural=desert so that is a possibility but sounds pretty generic to me. At least in the American Southwest there are several significantly different deserts. On the other hand, natural=wood has the same issues with all the different kinds of forests there are.

I guess, end the end, I’d choose natural=desert

I would use


There are large areas of terrain like this
Is this scrub? rocky? dirt?