Tag for numbered Infopoint

I have a case of an interpretive nature trail around a lake with numbered signposts. The information is not on the signpost - the post only contains the number. The idea is for the visitor to carry the interpretive information sheet with the explanations for each numbered post. How to tag the posts? The closest thing is ‘tourism=information’, but they don’t mention a case of no information.


That sounds like a guidepost. There is a proposed tag here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Guidepost
Basically, tag it with tourism=information and information=guidepost. Plus ref= for the post’s number.

Actually, it doesn’t sound like a guidepost to me - these objects don’t indicate a direction, and I’d expect guideposts to be usable without carrying some description around.

I don’t have a better suggestion, though. I’m inclined to assume that no one has created a tag for this case yet, so maybe we should simply invent one. In fact, the numbered infopoints could be considered a low-tech version of Semacode tags (these 2D “barcodes”) and the like - basically a link to information that is obtained elsewhere. Has anybody been mapping those?