Tag creation: particle accelerator

I work on the linear accelerator ELYSE platform Node: ‪ELYSE‬ (‪11416706107‬) | OpenStreetMap

When adding information about it, I did not find tags relevant to it. There are at least 5 accelerators I know about around me. There are linear accelerators and circular ones. Is it worthwhile to add new tags for such research facilities?

I will try to provide later a dataset of accelerators around the World.

For France the good starting point is EMIRUM - EMIRA


Seem to be it is better to use man_made:linear_accelerator or similar ‘man_made:particle_accelerator’

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=linear_electron_accelerator is too specific, and mixing different aspects. Should be broken back down.

  • man_made=particle_accelerator
  • particle_accelerator=linear (as linked in HERA)
  • substance=electron (only to avoid inventing another particle= )
  • Eg particle_accelerator:output=9 MeV (To avoid generator:output= and plant:output= in power, not energy level)
  • (when drawn as line) tunnel=yes + layer=-1 / indoor=yes + level= (the use of highway= in LHC is not good) : It’s unresolved as to how should tunnel=yes and indoor=yes be distinguished, especially in underground transit stations.
  • location=underground (for clarity due to the above problem)

=research_institute should not be combined with it. That refers to the Institut de Chimie Physique (guessing from French) site. In the case of LHC, the accelerator extends beyond CERN lands.


thank you for the update. I have updated accrodingly