Table Tag Editor

Dear friends,

I have a small editor-validator for streets, settlements, admin-boundaries and POIs. Today I added Poland for a test and I hope you find this tools useful.

P.S. I want to translate demo frontend to Polish. Could someone help me?

Is it available on Transifex or something like this?

it’s really awesome - but I can’t find any option to open particular POI in JOSM. Can you add such feature?

Btw, double click on cell - allow to edit tags

I’ll create online page. It’s needed to translate categories and a few UI messages

Olehz, thank You! Great job.

Best regards to the Ukrainian Community!


cool :). Street editor works only for Ukraine. Data for other countries (like PL and LT) is incomplete - sometimes for a given region only one village is available. I suppose it’s beause we have quite different admin levels.

Is it possible to create some extra ‘bug hunting’ features like filtering for streets with duplicate housenumbers or searching for streets with no housenumbers at all? It would be also great to have option to zoom map to particual POI or street (or maybe its possible and I don’t see it).

I love this tool.

Could someone help to check polish translation? - POI Catalog

I noticed that you don’t use place=* for polygons in Poland. So I don’t know how to link streets and cities. I tryed to add place tag to a few cities borders (Wroclaw, Przemysl, …) - and seems it’s ok.

Ok - good idea. I’ll do it.

I removed this feature. It is not very convenient for mass editing. But I can add an optional checkbox

I checked and I fixed it.

do you mean polygon landuse=residential with additional place=* tag? We don’t use such tagging - we use boundary=administrative with admin_level=8 to describe city boundary and admin_level=10 to describe village boundary. Boundary=administrative is used by most countries and many applications use it for address searching (Nominatim, Garmin converters, OSMand, etc).

Great. Thank you!

I mean that boundary-relation (if it is settlement) should have place=* tag too. But if you don’t use this tag - I need to add an exception in rules (Different countries have different mapping rules).

OSM Catalog (Polish version)

Nice to see that! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what kind of problem with administrative boundaries it is, but when checking in Warsaw, I get “Warszawa” 3 times in breadcrumb - as ADM610, ADM20233 and ADM609. I guess if there is more than one boundary of the same area (probably this area belongs to more than one administrative levels), they should be compacted to just one.

yup, major cities use many levels for the same boundary - for example boundary for Warszawa uses level6 for ‘powiat Warszawski’, and level8 for ‘city Warszawa’. For processing in tag editor only level8 and level10 boundaries should be used.

I’ve added new feature on my site and I have a question. Do you have standard format for polish streets-names? For example in Ukraine we use:



Most streets have prefix “ulica” (street) which is implicitly assumed. Other than that, you can refer to

On a side note, (W) which is present on your screenshot is a result of street names collision after incorporation of Wesoła to Warsaw.

I have found another breadcrumb error (first one still exists). :slight_smile: Look at,52.45747,11/l/ms?lang=pl - we have “Swobodnia” first, then “Polska/wojewóztwo mazowieckie/…” etc., which is an exception - most of the times there is country first and the city/village name last.