Table of Garmin Map ID's

I have started a wiki page where you can get an overview of Map ID’s that are in use by (OSM) Garmin maps.
Please help to add your own maps of maps that you know, so it can help the map creators to find a map ID that is available (to prevent conflicts in the installation or on your GPS). Also make sure that the highest number in the family-id (FID) is 65535, which corresponds to HEX “FFFF” (4 characters).

I have added one OSM derived map that I use … its creator has a whole series of maps of other regions, and I have no idea whether he uses the same or different Map IDs.

I suspect that this list is a lost cause, even the immense list on Javawa has only two of the five non-Garmin maps that I have installed.

Thanks for your help, of course it is better if the map makers themselves could help me filling this table, it would be a bad promotion for osm if the maps are clashing with each other.

Thanks. Good to know before my Motorcycle-Map goes online. Now i have to change the FID.

From memory, there is a pretty comprehensive list of these IDs on Should be in a sticky topic in the Garmin section.

Instead of this Sticky: Problems Entering “State/Province” Name on Garmin nuvi 200 (should be resolved with the improved address search)

And even the Sticky topic on Noeman refers to the JaVaWa-list :wink:

Another list is maintained here:

Your wish is my command :slight_smile:

I’ve added the FID of my Basemap and the Overlay “Motorcycle Road Blockings”.

New country map ID’s for added:

22000-22999 	1 	Openfietsmap Lite, (countries) 	
23000-23999 	1 	OSM Generic routable, (countries) 	
24000-24999 	1 	OSM Generic routable (new style), (countries)

New Code to calculate Family-ID for MotoRoute-OpenStreetMap (a.k.a. Motoroute-Tourer-Karte) added:

- Basemap: ((Last 3 Digits of Modified Julian Date of used .osm.pbf-Download) + (1 Random Digit))
  Since Version 1.6.84 User could specify FID with Configuration-File
- Overlay "Motorcycle Road Blockings": (Basemap's FID -1)

Edited my opening post. Make sure that the highest number in the family-id (FID) is 65535, which corresponds to HEX “FFFF” (4 characters).