symbol for Jewish cemeteries

Mapnik renders Jewish cemeteries with little crosses:
I don’t think this is appropriate since the cross is a Christian symbol.
How do you think a Jewish cemetery should be rendered?
What is the typical symbol on Israeli (commercial) maps?

There has been a very short discussion about this here:

Jewish cemeteries should be rendered with a Magen David (“Davidstern”) instead of a Christian symbol.
This way you would be able to see what kind of cemetery it is on the map.

OK! Thanks! Didn’t know the star could be used for cemeteries, too.
Proposed the change for mapnik:

Great that you took care of it.
Dankeschön !!!

Always a pleasure!
I hope they change it soon.
Greetings, Geogast


this has been fixed today. don’t know when we can see it “live”.


it’s live now. after the fixing of the big mapnic-crash everything is fine.

maybe you need to clear your browser-cache or use the “dirty”-trick.