Switching off details


for being able to focus on the things one would like to achieve using a map. Is it possible to switch off details of the OSM? Eg. are all supermarkets on one layer and we can switch off that layer? What are the possiblities?

Thanks, K.

No, the maps are static bitmaps (rightclick on the map and select “Show image”).

You can use the service of http://www.openstreetbrowser.org/

mmmmh, not very satisfying. Take a look at


because of all the details you hardly can see the streets / streetnames. Does that make sense? I would assume that it is even getting worse in the future. On the one hand side it is nice to have every house no. restrautrant, petrol station, etc. on the other hand without being able to switch off these details the maps aren’t usable anymore. Any opinions?

Try using Mapnik instead :slight_smile: