Switch between OSM normal and OSM cycle (dutch version) on my Garmin

I am using a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx and I have downloaded both the generic map and the cycle map. In Map Source I can switch between these two maps.
After selecting all the tiles from both maps I uploaded them to my Garmin device. All the maps are in one Gmapsupp file, including OnRoute Walking and Cycling maps.
In wanted to switch between the normal and cycle map, but I only could find one OSM map called euro or something like that.
Is there a way to upload both maps and to switch between them.
Or is it possible to upload more Gmapsupp files and switch between those files?
Garmin tells nothing about these features. Perhaps one of the readers of this forum vcan help me.
Thanks in advance

Are you sure you uploaded both maps from MapSource? To get both maps uploaded, you need to switch between products (generic and cycle maps) and select each map with the map selection tool. Each map you select should be listed in the “Maps” tab of MapSource.

I own a 60CSX, but I understand the process for showing maps is similar with the HCX. Call up the menu from the map page. Select “Set Up Map”. In the “Set Up Map” screen there will be some options about orientation (north up?), tracks, points, text, marine, and Map Setup Information. (on the CSX it is a lower case “i”). Select Map Setup Information, then select “Show” or “Hide” map products you want to view.

You can only upload a single gmapsupp.img file to the gpsr at a time.

Hi Erwee,

If you want to switch between the two maps you have to do the following:

  1. When the map is displayed press the MENU/FIND key ( the key on the left side down) and select SETUP MAP

    • or in the Main Menu: select SETUP and then MAP
  2. Go to the Menu with the “i”-Icon. There is a list with all uploaded tiles.

  3. Finally you press again the MENU/FIND key

  4. There you can hide/show the maps

I hope this helps


Thanks for answering the question. But it doesn’t solve my problem. I selected the tiles as written in the answer and uploaded them as OSM cycle and OSM normal map parts. But in my Garmin the are changed tot one map called ‘Euro OSM map’ map. So there is nothing to choose but the Euro OSM map. Is this a known problem? And would this be a Mapsource problem?

Assuming you have successfully uploaded multiple maps to your HcX before, this is strange, and should probably be reported to the map providers.

I have a hunch that both maps share some identifiers like the map ID number. If you download a copy of MapEdit, from


you should be able to examine the map ID’s and other characteristics of the two .img files.

You should also check the product’s .tdb file and .img file. They can also both be opened by MapEdit and have the same number as a name. The default names are 63240001.tdb and 63240001.img. When opened in MapEdit, they should look identical and show the outlines of all your tiles. If something is missing from the 63240001.img then it can’t be selected for upload. I know this, because it’s happened to me with maps I make myself.

Good luck.