Swimming Locations in Massachusetts

During the 30 day map challenge I noticed that there are scarcely any open-air swimming locations mapped in Massachusetts, despite there being a plethora of swimming holes, usually with seasonal life guards, in the Greater Boston Area.

A couple of examples:

  • Gray’s Beach (also known as Bass Hole), Yarmouth Port. This an other beaches in the Town of Yarmouth are covered by the local authority’s website. Note I don’t think the node labelled Bass Hole truly counts as waterway=dock, although there’s a difference between US & GB English (although, IIRC ships were built here in the 19th C). Judging by aerial imagery the small pier may be removed in the Winter months (absent on MASS-GIS, but present on Bing a couple of months apart in 2021). Also I haven’t been able to confidently identify the Osprey nest pole.
  • Heart Pond Beach, South Chelmsford. Again the local authority has information on their website.

Similar facilities must exist across much of the USA. There’s often a lot to map at each one: lifeguard provision, parking, picnic facilities, canoe & other boat launch locations. The problem is that many are provided at a local level, although Mass-GIS has a few state administered facilities, so local knowledge is a big help (and now I’ve exhausted mine).


May I suggest also leisure=bathing_place and leisure=swimming_area, which could be mapped