Sweden: Missing Buildings

Hello Swedish community,

Could you please let me know if the community has any comments or suggestions about our team supporting editing (when we have capacity) in Sweden: Missing Buildings?


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Who is “our team”? Are you representing a company?

From my side, I’m happy for anyone who wants to add data to the map. :smile:

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Hello @novabeat ,

I am representing TomTom, excuse me for not introducing at the start of my message.

I dont see why anyone would have a problem with that as long as the quality is equal to what anyone else would have contributed.


yes, I agree. I really welcome this effort :slight_smile:

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Hopefully contributes do a calibration of the background image before adding any new objects/buildings. In Sweden we have a excellent reference background with “Trafikverket Road Network” which MUST be used for calibration!

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Pretty sure you can use LM orto to calibrate even if you dont use it to trace buildings, @Msiipola.

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