Sweden - Fix Spiky Buildings

Hello OSM Sweden,

I would like to announce a new MapRoulette challenge: Sweden - Fix Spiky Buildings (MapRoulette)! We’ve identified buildings on OpenStreetMap (OSM) with oddly sharp angles. Most building corners are close to 90 degrees, but this challenge focuses on buildings where angles are less than 15 degrees. While some might be real, many are likely incorrect data.

The Task:
Improve OSM data quality by reviewing the identified buildings and see if their shapes need correction.

Important Considerations:

  • Some buildings, especially historical ones, may have unique angles.
  • If unsure, consult the community forum for guidance.
  • The task will lead you to the building itself, not necessarily to the specific “spiky” node. Please zoom in carefully and search for the issue.

Why Fix Spiky Buildings?

Accurate building shapes on OSM benefit everyone! They improve:

  • Data quality for various applications
  • Navigation services
  • Urban planning
  • Emergency response

Have Questions?
Feel free to reply to this message for help, modifying instructions, or suggestions on resources.

Thank you,


Hi Swedish OSM community. We see that this MapRoulette challenge has lost traction somewhat. Are there any issues that we in TomTom could support with to easy the completion?

Nothing really on my end that stands out. Just don’t have as many contributors in Sweden who regular MapRoulette I suppose. I know we have a few open challenges that haven’t been completed in a long time, like the missing tags one

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I looked around and didn’t really see that much wrong with the ones I edited. I felt that I did not really understand why I should do it.

It’s mostly duplicate nodes that are really close together. I did a few which basically consisted of:

  1. Pick a node
  2. Rectangle select it
  3. If 2 nodes were selected → M (merge nodes). Otherwise, go to 1.
  4. Done

I believe we’ve fixed it all, but couldn’t find others to review… was I the only one who contributed?

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