Sweden - Fix Inconsistent Highway Intersections and Sweden - Fix Incorrect Junctions on Roundabouts

Hello OSM Sweden,

I’d like to inform you about two MapRoulette challenges: Sweden - Fix Inconsistent Highway Intersections and Sweden - Fix Incorrect Junctions on Roundabouts. These challenges are meticulously prepared, and we hope they will significantly contribute to map improvement in the country.

  1. Sweden - Fix Inconsistent Highway Intersections: This challenge focuses on addressing cases where highways intersect without a common node.

  2. Sweden - Fix Incorrect Junctions on Roundabouts: Here, we aim to fix instances where two or more highways are connected to the same node on a roundabout.

These challenges are part of our ongoing map improvement project, and we value any comments, remarks, or input you may have.

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Just a question then. Why is it a problem when roundabouts have these intersection nodes? In many cases the “fix” would be to add a miniscule spacing beween the on-flare and the off-flare. This seems like a meaningless venture unless you have some particular reasons for it. Pls share أخ.

or this example:

I’m guessing its this from the wiki.

Do not directly connect approaching with departing roads.

Roundabout with correct connections
Each way which intersects with the roundabout should be connected to it with a separate node. Two ways which enter and exit a roundabout should never connect to the same node on the roundabout. This is required to allow routing applications and software to provide correct directions, otherwise the routing software will not correctly recognise the roundabout. With a segment of the roundabout between the entrance and exit, routers can safely recognise that a section of the roundabout has to be driven through.

Which routing software? :slight_smile: Anway, if this is the background of the roulette I guess its fair enough.

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@sbaido Can you close and reset the challenge. A user has fixed numerous roundabouts without using the Maproulette features, meaning most challenges are now void.

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Can you check now please?

I’ll have to retract my previous assumption. OSM users are always diligent enough to fix ALL issues in a downloaded area, so the same roundabout will turn up over and over again, even though all flares have already been fixed. Silly of me not to think of that the first time around. There are lots of tasks remaining and many of them are probably completed. You could update it periodically, if that is an option for you.

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Thank you @Wulfmorn . let me refresh and try to add more tasks on the challenge.

Hi @Wulfmorn
This challenge has been active for a month now. Although still valid, there seems to be limited interest in this task. Do you think the community would like to continue working on this? Anything else we can do in relation to this MapRoulette Challenge to increase traction?


Its an ok quest, but nobody can force anybody to work on it. Only advice I can give is to regularily update it so that it doesnt have expired quests in it, and give us a reminder once in a while that its still there.

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I have fixed some of these errors, but the work is more difficult then you may assume. Separate the ways in a connecting node is easy, but it often cause an road or bus relation to break. And fixing these are much work then just separating the ways. The work description should mention this.

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Noted :slight_smile: We will see if we can improve this. Much appreciate your answer!

Hello @Msiipola

as you can see in the caption. we have mentioned and included the relations in description. Will that suffice?

Thank you for the valuable feedback.

Ok, I didn’t read the description properly.

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No worries. all is good and thanks again