I live in Kananga, DR Congo. I have made a fairly detailed and accurate map of the city in SVG. Is there a way that I can convert the SVG file into GPX traces that I could then use to greatly expand the existing map on OSM. Software I currently use is QGIS, Merkaartor, Inkscape and am downloading JOSM as I write. Thanks

Hmm, let’s listen to the wiki: tells you only how to get an SVG file from OSM data, but not vice versa. says that it is not possible to convert SVG into OSM directly.

Maybe the best approach is to find a way to convert your SVG data in and then into OSM data …

An option would be to export the SVG to PNG (through Inkscape) and open it as a background in JOSM using the PicLayer plugin. You can then draw OSM objects on top of that.