SVG share only creates a bitmap image in a SVG file


I looked for a way to generate a SVG file. Whether it was the official wiki, answers in forums, tutorials or videos, all sources told me to use Share → SVG.

When I do that, a SVG file is downloaded correctly, but its content is the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" width="633pt" height="423pt" viewBox="0 0 633 423" version="1.1">
<image id="image38" width="2638" height="1763" xlink:href=""/>
<g id="surface1">
<use xlink:href="#image38" transform="matrix(0.24,0,0,0.24,0,0)"/>

Soooo… my SVG is a .svg file that contains a PNG image of the area I want to use. Let’s just say that it is as clever as sending your photo album as a Word document (this is not a compliment).

Do I do things wrong? Is there a problem with the export? Please tell me what to do if I want to use the objects from OSM and not just a picture.

Best regards

This appears to be a known but unresolved issue:

OK, thanks Richard.

I’ll wait until they fix the bug, then :confused:

This bug seems to be fixed now. It looks like a Mapnik problem, but there’s also a workaround deployed in the export code on the website which works immediately. See more details here: