Svalbard - no downloads via JOSM possible?

In a few days time I am going on a sea trip circumnavigating Spitsbergen, one of the Arctic Svalbard islands. I want to plot some of our tracks as we move round on my Garmin Legend CXi but do not seem able to download any sections of the OSM map to load onto my Garmin via JOSM. The islands are only shown in outline on the main and slippy OSM maps. The base map on the Garmin stops at the Barent Sea (N 75 degrees) and Spitsbergen starts at N 77 degrees.
Is there any way I can download coastal sections of the islands to see my sea track and landings on the downloaded map and, on my return home, upload appropriate details - starting with the only town we visit - Longyearbyen?

Svalbard isn’t included in the i-cube landsat images, which makes this a bit hard… But please collect data from Svalbard, I’ll get some tracks this summer as well.

It’s pretty strange isn’t it… But OSM include islands from an external source. So you see Svalbard at zoom 6 but it has vanished at zoom 7… Google has better shore lines as well :frowning:

Thanks for your offer - I hope we shall manage plenty of landings to be able to add some detail to the map. I had the same problem zooming in and thought it was just my problem - weird!

This might be interesting for you, he has apparently been contacted about OSM collab.