Suspicious additions in Argentina

There is a changeset with a big bounding box that appears to be mostly additions in Argentina.

The contents of these seem quite suspicious and not supported by satellite imagery, but I don’t know how up to date the images are in that region.

It appears to contain:

  • an ATM in a lake,
  • a fishmonger in a river,
  • a pharmacy and bar in an area that looks undeveloped, and
  • a theatre that’s only accessible after miles of travel on unpaved tracks

Can anyone familiar with the region confirm if these are just mistagged or if they are fictional?

Looks like a classic low quality edit. I’d be surprised if we received a feedback on the CS comment.

Yeah, when I saw listed I didn’t have much hope for a response, which is why I was asking here.

I thought the theatre might be a mis-tagged viewpoint, and the fishmonger actually might be a “fishing spot” sign, but I don’t know if either of those are likely to be the case

El usuario marcó puntos. Los nombres son correctos para la zona. Nombres de los puentes, nombre del camino, un mirador de un lago. Pero las etiquetas son todas incorrectas. Parece que simplemente buscó que la aparecieran los nombres al acercarse con zoom.