Suspected street name errors in Sderot

This was detected through the bus stop logs:

There’s discrepancy in street names in the area between Google Maps/Govmap and OSM. In both of the former maps, the stop is on a “menachem begin” but in OSM the street name is different. Several street names in the area are also different.

Did you examine the edit history of this street?
You can find who made every change.

I think that in general it is best to contact the person who made the suspected error before asking the forum’s help.

P.S., the street maps of both Google and GovMap are taken from the same source - Mapa/GISrael

Sorry. I will do so next time.

Thanks. Good to know.

By the way, if you leave a comment in the changeset “discussion” the user will receive a message directly to the e-mail address used for joining OSM. IMO it is better than using OSM messages, especially for people who do not edit frequently.

OSM private messages trigger an e-mail message too.

As you wish.

Having a public discussion is also beneficial in cases of potential vandalism or repeated issues.