Suspected non-existing feature in Yavneel


While mapping some tracks in the SW Kinneret area after a trip, I came across several footways in the middle of a farmland in Yavneel that spell out some text (“נשמר עד”) - for example way 268940797.

The paths are disconnected from anything else, and I can’t see anything physical on Bing, Google and Govmap aerials.

The thing is, they were apparently added 3 years ago by @Mr_Israel, who I would definitely not suspect of “vandalism”.
I left a comment on the changeset asking for clarification a week ago, but did not get a reply.

What do you think? Can anyone confirm if it’s by any chance a real physical feature? Should it be deleted?

It looks wrong for me, I’d delete them. Maybe they were uploaded accidentally.

Removed in