suspected joke edit - Kirche des Fliegenden Spaghettimonsters

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amenity place_of_worship
name Kirche des Fliegenden Spaghettimonsters
religion pastafarian
denomination EVKdFSMiD

it looks like a joke edit, is this place of worship really exists?

AFAIK there is neither somebody so invested in this parody of a religion to create a temple nor anybody seriously believing it to point of sincerely making one, I suspect that it is a joke edit.

People involved often make this type of jokes, see for example

Is somebody capable of making a survey whatever it is vandalism or a very interesting and rare object?

It’s not a joke, look at this sign at the city entrance:

Well maybe the religion is a joke, but the place of worship does exist and is real. So there’s no reason not to have it in OSM.

And the related Wikipedia article says:

This does, at least, imply that there is really some kind of weekly worship there …

Aus dem Freistellungsbescheid des Finanzamts Angermünde:

The sign may not be there anymore due to a court ruling:

The place is for real though as far as I can tell

Thank you very much for checking!

If somebody is convinced based on sources that amenity=place_of_worship fits - can you consider adding source tag to make future editors less confused? I will not do this as from I see all articles are in German.

I added link to this thread in a note tag at

Wird auch seit Jahren gebührend ausgewertet:

Grüße von Lutz

“Pastafarian” has, though started as a joke, become an established fancy religion. (And so has Klingon.)


Neues vom fliegenden Spaghettimonster

Pastafarian seem to be a far better religion as other ones, because their religious zealots (if any) did not kill thousands or miillions of people. At least if they eat al dente cooked pasta.
Pastafarian religion is no more rational/irrational than any other religion with their repective believes without any proof. So there may be no difference in respect of places of worship.

Die meisten Religionen fangen mit Mord an Andersgläubigen so etwa 1200 Jahre nach ihrer Gründung an (deshalb ist der Islam aktuell an der Reihe). Lass den Nudelkirchen einfach noch etwas Zeit :slight_smile:

Das hätte Hypatia vielleicht anders gesehen.

Aber die Stadtverordneten von Templin beweisen, dass auch wieder Friede einkehren kann.
Und so mappt osm das Beweisstück zurecht.

In meinen Augen ist die note im OSM-Objekt diskriminierend. Es steht ja auch nicht an jedem Sakralbau alternativer Religionsgemeinschaften eine Frage dran, ob das Objekt wirklich existiert.



Also ich hätte das auch erst mal für einen Tagging-Gag gehalten … aber Nudelmesse find ich geil :D! Ich war ja schon seit Jahrzehnten nich mehr inne Kersch, aber da würde ich auch gerne mal hingehen …!

At least at B109 coming from Zehdenick it is still there, only that it is now attached to a privately owned signpost.