Surface tag for German "Gehwegplatten" (stone slabs)?

Here’s a photo of this kind of surface from Leipzig: 20220801_170806.jpg - Google Drive

This German wikipedia article has some more info: Gehwegplatte – Wikipedia

What’s the appropriate surface tag for this?



surface=paving_stones for central, surface=sett for surrounding small ones.

You can also add material=stone or similar to mark that it is not concrete.

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If they are small, under a meter, follow the paving stone example. If larger use surface=<material>:plates. I’m basing it on concrete plates.

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=concrete:* is not good. =paving_stones= has paving_stones:length= and paving_stones:width=.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Indeed, according to Tag:surface=paving_stones - OpenStreetMap Wiki surface=paving_stones seems appropriate. I hadn’t considered this tag initially because according to the German language wiki (DE:Tag:surface=paving_stones - OpenStreetMap Wiki), it ought to be used for regularly shaped concrete or brick pavers.

Intuitively, I’d also say that this surface is so different from the surfaces which I usually tag with surface=paving_stones that it feels unsatisfying to use the same tag for this surface too.

I think the width is typically about 1m or more. surface=stone:plates and surface=granite:plates both have some usage but less than 100 instances in total. I like this tag though – it matches the german terms Gehwegplatten / Steinplatten pretty well.

At least the width of the individual stone plates is pretty irregular though, and I don’t really intend to go around measure the length of the plates.

From the google-drive foto, this could very well be granite. I’d still stay with surface=paving_stones for ease of consuming by users, and add the kind of stone in a sub-tag.