Surface=artificial_grass vs surface=artificial_turf

I created Tag:surface=artificial_grass - OpenStreetMap Wiki to list it as a deprecated duplicate of Tag:surface=artificial_turf - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Is there any good reason to consider situation otherwise?

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At least from what I know turf is used to describe sports grass. Whereas artificial grass usually refers to artificial landscape grass. It’s a super pedantic difference that I doubt anyone outside of landscapers really cares about though. Let alone whomever decided to use the tags. That said, you might to check if surface=artificial_grass is being used for landscaping and not sports fields. If that the case then I’d say not to depreciate it as as a duplicate of surface=artificial_turf. Otherwise it probably doesn’t matter.

For me artificial_turf implies a sports use, and that is described in the wiki.
Artificial_grass implies non-sports uses. It probably helpful to provide the separation the two tags give. I definitely would not create a wiki page stating artificial_grass was wrong.

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Out of 208 surface=artificial_grass 192 are on leisure=pitch

I started checking remaining 16 ones.

Way: 1099683083 | OpenStreetMap was badly tagged soccer field (fixed now)

Way: ‪Kramfors Multiarena‬ (‪689446807‬) | OpenStreetMap is leisure=sports_centre (and maybe should be pitch)

Way: 125577422 | OpenStreetMap and Way: ‪Goals Hull‬ (‪581942031‬) | OpenStreetMap have sport=soccer

stopped checking at that point

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Hhhmmm, that’s not what I was expecting. I say just depreciate it then. Mappers clearly don’t get the difference and that’s all that really matters.

In German all of this is called Kunstrasen (artificial lawn). Of course, the industry offers a wide portfolio of types for any imaginable use :slight_smile:

Yes, there can be. Artificial grass is not necessarily the same as “turf”. The original flat-ish Turf is more similar to a carpet. “Artificial grass” emulates real grass blades. Or it may be described as different generations and types of “turf” or artificial grass. ( For better health, safety of athletes which playing surface is best? uses “turf”)
The BIG Difference between Turf and Artificial Grass | Master Soccer Mind
I would agree with sub-classifying AG, since this is too confusing at this level.

Interesting idea. How would we go about doing that though? Maybe create a more general tag that could have turf/artificial_grass as keys or something? :man_shrugging:

artificial_turf=* subtag?

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That’s kind of what I was suggesting. But artificial_turf=artificial_turf sounds odd. So I think it would have to be one level up on the semantic chain or whatever.

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This “turf” looks a bit like tartan. It is not common here. Perhaps artificial grass/lawn is a better match for what “artificial-turf” is supposed to map?

According to landscapers in the US, turf is grass cut shorter than the traditional lawn height. It is generally the hieght used for pitches and is more than likely artificial.
If this the common usage elsewhere I would suggest that turf can be assumed to artificial and grass lilely natural. Tartan is rubbery mat that looks nothing like grass even though they are probably made from similar raw materials.